I'm afraid I have to go now, love 我很怕我現在得去, 愛人
Because I have to find my heart of truth 因為我必須去尋找心中的真實
What? What did you say? 什麼?你說什麼?
What are you trying to say? 你到底想說什麼?
Are you O.K.? 你還好吧?
I think so... I think I am... 我還好...我想...
What's wrong with you? 你怎麼了?
I was only thinking about my life 我只是在思考我的人生
Your life?间now? 你的人生? 現在?
Are you with me? 你不是跟我在一起嗎?
Why do you have to think of your life right now? 你為什麼現在必須思考你的人生?
I'm not sure. 我不確定
But I have to be somebody. 但是我必須去當某人
Why? 為何?
Don't you love yourself? 你不愛你自己嗎?
Don't you love who you are? 你不愛你這個人嗎?
I don't know. 我不知道
I can not explain. 我無法解釋
But I can tell you one thing. 但是我可以告訴你一件事
I don't wanna lose myself in the tide of time. 我不想在時間的洪流中失去自我
I don't understand what you're saying. 我不明白你在說什麼
Maybe you are out of your mind. 也許你已神智不清
Do whatever you wanna do. 無論你想做什麼就去做吧
Where are you going? 你要去哪裡?
I'm gonna go and stop the flow of time. 我要去停止時間
Though I don't know where. 即使我不知道要去何處
ああこのままで眠りたい 啊 想要在這裡
全て瞬間を止めて 停止所有的瞬間
悲しく溶ける冰の樣に 像悲傷的融化的冰一般
二人靜かに抱き合って 兩個人靜靜的相擁
We see the nights  
We see the lights  
夜の叫び 星へ屆け 夜晚的吶喊 直達星際
永遠を感じた like heaven 感受永遠 如同天堂
あの丘に登る夢を見ていた 看著登上那山丘的夢
I'm so sorry. 我很抱歉
Sorry to have kept your waiting. 讓你等了這麼久
Not at all. 沒關係
But you have to tell me where you're been. 但是你必須告訴我你去了哪裡
Do I? 是嗎?
I don't have to tell you. 我不必告訴你
You know where I've been. 你知道我去了哪裡
I haven't been a reflection in your eyes, 我從未成為你的眼中的倒影
But I've been living in your heart. 但我曾經活在你心底
Are you ask me to kill you? 你想要我殺了你嗎?
No, just kidding. 不, 只是開玩笑而已
Actually I've been wandering between reality and illusion. 事實上我在真實和幻像中困惑著
How did you like it? 你覺得如何?
I couldn't find any answer. 我找不到任何答案
But I found the hill 但我找到了那山丘
There, the time doesn't pass by. 在那裡,時間是靜止的
But the scenery goes by with the time. 但是風景會隨著時間改變
So when I found the beautiful windmill. 所以當我找到那美麗的風車
it flew away...just like love. 就飛走了...就像愛
泣き出す月夜 哭出來的月夜
この想いふりかえる事も出來ず 也無法反覆的回想這回憶
立ち止まる勇氣, 遠い日の  
僕たちが かけめぐる  
日ざしを浴びた午後 沐浴著陽光的午後
森を行く子供達よ 去森林的孩子們
僕らは見守っている 我們守護著
重なる想いを託して 寄託著反覆的回憶
Tonight 今夜
We love the nights  
We love the lights  
夜の嘆き 星に歌え 夜晚的嘆息向著星星唱歌
傳說のあの丘 在傳說的那個山丘
輝きに變える夢を見ていた 看著變的輝煌的夢
And now, tell me the time. 現在, 告訴我時間
Eleven. 11點
Do you wanna walk toward twelve o'clock? 你要朝12點而去嗎?
Or do you wanna go to that hill? 或是你要去那個山丘
Though the morning light will never shine there. 即使晨光永遠照射不到那裡
What are you talking about? 你在說什麼?
You'd better look at the reality. 你最好看清楚現實
But... I think I can understand a little... just a little. 但是...我想我能了解一點點...只有一點點
We don't have to go there. 我們不用去那裡
Our time doesn't have to do anything with the past 我們的時間在以往不需要做任何事情
nor the future, not even the morning light. 現在也不必 不只有晨光
Let's throw them all away, our watches, too. 讓我們穿越他們 我們的錶也是
Wait a second. 等一下
I'll set my watch to 4:00 AM. 我把錶撥到清晨四點
Why? 為什麼?
Is there any special meaning? 那有任何特殊意義嗎?
No. 沒有
We just throw the time away. You and I. Nothing more. 我們穿越了時間 你和我 沒有別的
That's all. 就這樣
We see the nights  
We see the lights  
We see the dreams  
We love the nights  
We love the lights  
We love the dreams  
We love the nights  
We love the lights  
We love the dreams  
永遠を感じた 感受永遠
あの丘に登る夢を見ていた 看著登上那山丘的夢